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When will you have beer to sell?

This is the question, isn't it? The entire point of having a brewery is to sell beer. The short answer is— I don't have any idea.

Here's the more complete answer.

When this project was started (possible over a couple of IPAs), a quick search showed us that it was nothing to get a brewery up and running! Get your federal TTB permit and the associated state licensing then BOOM! You're a brewery! (Current brewers may now laugh)

The TTB permit wasn't bad, even taking into consideration the government shutdown that took place one week after the application was submitted. I read a law book and saw that I needed to register with the FDA - done. Easy peasy.

The State permit was a little more involved. It required public notice to run in a local paper, posting of the completed application for two weeks, and fingerprints from all partners. Easy, except that my brother lives in Italy and apparently they don't do fingerprints in Italy.

After exhausting all options available to him locally short of being fingerprinted for committing a crime, he was able to contact an FBI agent stationed in Italy. Long story short, he got fingerprints, they arrived here - and I got them submitted 3 days past the date they were due. So I ran a public notice once again and had my application approved.

The state application has a checklist. I checked it off. But there are requirements that do not appear on the checklist. I am currently 134th in line for the fire marshal inspection which puts me 14 weeks out. I'm making a call to the DEC today to find out about that inspection. There's a state plumbing inspector?

TLDR: There is so much more to the application process that I realized. It's going to be at least 4 months until I have beer to sell.

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